What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Banning the Truth? Rout the Lamers Out!

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The powers that be have been fighting disclosure since forever. The massive political awakening is disclosure.

LP Steven Greer – a fireside chat with Zany Mystic – January 22, 2011
Notes from this interview: Challenging the Macro Economic System. Disclosure obsoletes oil, gas, coal, nuclear power, centralized utilities, internal combustion engines, jet engines and rockets. This is what is preventing disclosure. You can see the vested interest. I’m seeing an obvious limit. This is so JP Morgan. The robber barons stultified education. To connect the dots you can see the oligarchy. The evil dictators.

They have figured out how to manipulate people through flickering lights notice not the old fashioned incandescent bulbs.

The Alex Jones Show 2/25/11: US Patent 6506148 — Nervous System Manipulation 2/2
The Alex Jones Show 2/25/11: US Patent 6506148 – Nervous System Manipulation 1/2

If you break a curlybulb in your house the proper course of action is to call the HazMat Team and open your windows and leave the house for three days. I suppose that’s why they banned the incandescent light bulbs.

So, while they are banning things to ensure their future control, why not ban DMT! Who cares if it’s endogenous? Australia proposes ban on 1000s of plants including national flower. Haha, I told you they were stupid. Ban the Amazon!

We just have to get these lameasses out of the planet! These fuckin’ asshole eugenicists like Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates need to meet the masses! And not the passive masses like in North America!

Come on, Phalaris is a weed! O I suppose the worst corporation in the world, Monsanto (monsters of satan), has already created a terminator technology for it.

Maybe the best idea would be to capture the evil people and make them smoke dimethyl-triptamine. I am certain that once they see how everything is wrong they will do what’s right to correct it.

Jim Carrey Spiritual Awakening – DMT Experience He is In The Know


Alex Grey rare interview on DMT Dimethyltryptamine by Roger Essig

DMT the Spirit Molecule Rick Strassman interview by Whitley Strieber (March 2007)

The Spirit Molecule (DMT Ayahuasca Documentary)

I really think the main driving force behind retarding the society is stupidity and ego. Out of control Wetiko. Vampire Squid Economics: A Case Study in Full-Blown Wetiko Disease The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity

“Revolver” ego scene

I think this idea can be presented as a real partial solution. Enemies of humanity are amongst us ruling since the fall of Atlantis managing our civilizations through greed, ego, disinformation, propaganda and magick. If we continue in this civilization ignorant of the effects of DMT a controlling elite can use it against us. Think Batman Begins.

The freakiest part of them banning DMT plants reminds me of the Cain vs Able story. If they can control the natural supply of DMT that we could get from plants then they have an exclusive supply from the other source – human blood. The main reason they like children and why the pope won’t ban pedophilia!

Timothy Good – Secret Space Program, UFOs, ET & Coverup

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