What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Military Archaeology

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What better time to loot a museum than during a riot? Maybe, it was all planned. There has been plenty of interesting things going on in the world of antiquities. I recently saw an interview with Zahi Hawass in which he states #2049 – Renowned Egyptian Archeologist Zahi Hawass: Jews Control the Entire World. I figure Hawass was a stonewall for the truth. I hated him because of the way he kept the secrets in Egypt secret. A figurehead of the scientific dictatorship and a coverup artist he seems like the ideal Zionist. When he blames the Jews it’s hard to understand his position. Even now, after Mubarak, it’s hard to define his position. Rumor has it that Hawass was involved in the looting. Events leading up to the riots: Midnight Extraction on the Giza Plateau – Hawass Recalls Obelisks – Goldman Sachs beds down with Facebook – Stargate opening off coast of Yemen – Niburu spotted coming form the direction of the center of the galaxy –

William Henry interviews Robert Bauval Egypt: the Future of the Secrets February 22, 2011

Cairo museum looted Egyptian artifacts stolen

Looters break into Cairo museum

Egypt Antiquities Missing

I assure you the unrest in Egypt has plenty to do with exactly like Hawass said if the museum is safe then Egypt is safe. The unrest is just beginning.

And it’s all really all about King Tut and Ahkenaton as it ever was! I figure that Tut was magickally bound in the mummified state to prevent him from reincarnating. Those bonds were helping to imprison all of us humans on the planet. And the mummies that were lying in state were beheaded. Thus the magick was broken. Was this done intentionally? Who was really behind it?

Is that Egypt looting a continuation of this looting in Iraq? I mean this is when I became suspicious of military looting.

Why did the Americans occupy the Baghdad Museum before the Palace itself? Was it more important perhaps?

Lost treasures of the Iraq Museum – Dan Cruickshank & The Raiders of the Lost Art – BBC

Matthew Bogdanos: Searching for Stolen Antiquites in Iraq

Stolen Ancient Artifacts Returned to Iraq Museums

I include this video from a larger set – I haven’t seen all of it – because it shows this stuff going down in the middle east is nothing like what it seems. Hinting at the real reasons that the looting is taking place. It’s not just about stealing crucial items. It’s also about doing and undoing magick.

Illuminati 4 – 5 – Brotherhood of the Beast

If you are familiar with the work of William Henry(Revelations Archive) you’ll notice that he figures Saddam Hussein was going to build a stargate. He utilized information that was printed on the cuneiform tablets that were a part of the museums collection and can still be found at archeological sites all over Iraq. Remember Saddam was also involved with the CIA. He was placed in power just like all of the other dictators over there.

The military industrial complex is interested in magick? Is this an example then of their knowledge applied in the real world?

In 1967 Oct 9 Che Guevara was killed. They cut off his hands and they were never found.

Secrets of The CIA – Bolivia

This is where I figure the Hands of Che Guevara ended up. New Orleans and Hollywood voodoo for the purpose of controlling the future of the revolution. In any event if you like a good horror here is a nice movie with some heroic acting and, I believe, a cameo of a mummified Hand of Che! Angel Heart

Somalia and Iraq played huge roles in gulf war I.

Jun 02 2010 Gulf of Aden Star Gate part 3

I have recently come to realize that if there was no government there would be no crime. Government is the crime syndicate.

‘Hired ‘rebels’, civil war part of US plan to colonize Libya‘ Remember, the CIA didn’t want the Lockerbie patsy to be let out. If anarchies ruled, the government would be out of business. If freedom reigned, government would be redundant. These protesters around the world are totally aware of this. Obliviousness is part of the government mandated paradigm.

The Black Sun is starting to affect us all! What is the black sun you ask? Well, it’s described in the ancient cuniform and sanskrit texts of ancient history. The stonewall by the scientific dictatorship (exemplified by the actions of Zahi Hawass) was set up to prevent the population(us) from realizing the truth about the past present and future. The military has an interest in this in the same way a agent provocateur has in inciting rioting in populous cities.

Police Provocateurs revisited SPP-07 G20 2010


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