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David Wolfe talks about ORMUS conference is about an hour and a half long. This conference is like confirmation and vindication about all the stuff I’m saying on this blog. He covers alot of ground and goes into plenty that I have no idea about. This is reality stacking and I consider him a hero of the evolution on the level of Nassim Harramein and Terence Mckenna!

1 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 01

2 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 02

He goes into the truth about chocolate here – never heard it anywhere else.

3 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 03

Tropical power plants. I can’t believe governments want to ban this stuff. They corrupted the chocolate plant and the tobacco plant. It totally infuriates me that we’ve been lied to about these things. I blame the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. Codex Alimentarius pisses me off nearly ballistic postal. They want to ban the Amazon like WTF?! Banning the Truth? Rout the Lamers Out!

4 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 04

Shaga mushroom! Reishi mushroom? Jesus how did they freak us out about mushrooms so much. He goes into the real power of ORMUS. Antigravity, etc…

5 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 05

The truth is crazy so when he talks UFOs and time rips and psychics and powerplaces don’t be daunted. Look into the stuff yourself.

6 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 06

7 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 07

8 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 08

9 David Wolfe Enota Ormus Conference Part 09

David Wolf Part 2 Enota ORMUS Part 1.MP4

David Wolf Part 2 Enota ORMUS Part 2.MP4

If everyone can make it then no one can stop it! Stacking reality

David Wolf Part 2 Enota ORMUS Part 3.MP4

So look out for the next post I’ll go into Monatomic gold with David Hudson and Jim Marrs this is pretty much just about David Wolfe and his perspective on the vast ancient topic.

Official Anti Elite Coalition Theme

Dear Friends and Family,
I have great news. I have been invited to speak at an International conference this May on the science and studies of ORME’s (Orbitally Re-arranged Mono-atomic Elements) ORME, ormus and m-state all are generic terms which apply to any normally metallic elements in a spectroscopically “invisible” non-metallic form. These terms apply regardless of which method was used to obtain them or the relative effectiveness of the element. David Hudson (a cotton farmer from Arizona) referred the meaning as “The Golden Tree of Life.”

There are many different uses and benefits from these materials and there will be some fascinating speakers talking about their involvement with this science at this conference.

David Wolfe will be speaking again. He is one of the world’s leading nutritionist and a strong supporter of ORMUS.

Michael Tellinger who recently discovered one of the oldest known civilizations on Earth; will be discussing his discoveries of how these ancient were manufacturing ormus materials through very interesting methods.

Barry Carter who is probably the world’s leading scientist in the field of ORME will be discussing the latest findings and other stories of interest.

Michael “Mehoo” McCabe who has been making ormus products for years will be sharing his experience and some trade secrets.

Author and health care professional Chris Emmons; who wrote the book on ORMUS Modern Day Alchemy and studied under Don Nance will be taking the floor.

Jan Denlinger (Garden Shot) will be discussing how ORMUS can change the world one plant at a time. Her insight and knowledge of horticulture and ormus combined; offers a whole new meaning to “Organic Gardening.”

Sharon Rose, whose knowledge on Essential Oils and the properties of them, will be sharing her tremendous insight on the benefits and helpful uses of extracts, oils, elixirs and ormus uses.

Tom Waters the man behind Ormus Revolutions our brother in ormus. He has his hands in so many things and his lecture will be one of great interest. He has been working on some ancient alchemy and a few other interesting ormus related research so, he should have so very interesting discussions.

Joe Lello from Atlantis Alchemy will be sharing his vast knowledge with us again. One could only imagine what he may discuss. We could be viewing a laser light show in 4D but really, Joe is one of the brightest minds in our community and anything he discusses will be of great interest. Joe is one of the sponsors this year.

Thomas Geckler who sponsored the event in 2009 but, really didn’t get a chance to speak will be speaking this year. With his many years in the medical profession and his incredible knowledge of “Alternative Medicines” this man could talk all day and not even scratch the surface. He is one the fore-front of healthy lifestyle living with natural remedies and cures. That and his knowledge and use of ORMUS should provide a very interesting discussion.

Then there is me David VanDerryt, I will be discussing my path to the discovery of ORMUS.

Tentative speakers (asked but not confirmed yet) include Dr. Joe Champion, Don Nance of Ocean Alchemy, John Milewski,Dorian Taddei, Lazaro “Laz”, Denis of OZ, Rich Idiens, Arthur Ziegler, Peter May from Colorado, and several more I cannot name.

The conference will be held in Enota Georgia. Please visit their site for more details. The site is listed below. It will start Thursday May 19th till Sunday 22nd. Last year we were provided food, housing, WIFI, and all the natural beauty this area of the Appalachian’s has to offer.

If you are interested in attending I will be happy to provide information as I get it. I hope you will be considering in attending this event. I am sure you will be most happy that you did.
Thank you

( David Wolfe Michael Tellinger Dr. Joe Champion Chris Emmons Joe Lello Jan Denlinger Thomas Geckler ENOTA Mountain Retreat

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  1. I’m getting mixed messages – is Michael Tellinger going to be there or not? He’s in Atlanta on the 18th, so seems he COULD be there, but got an email from someone at Enota who said that he was not going to be there. Do you know?


    May 14, 2011 at 3:51 pm

  2. Its all so glittering and golden on the suface regarding ORMUS. I was in fact on it for a short time due to my curiosity, until I recieved a warning. I have learned that it starts an artificial ascention process. As it overstimulates the uper DNA strands it begins to degenerate the 3rd DNA strand If taken long enough it causes perminent DNA damage, in that in order to survive one has to constantly “feed” on that outside ourselves instead of being self sustaining.

    This what Ashayana Deane (of Keylontic science, Guardian Alliance) has to say about it:

    The Guardian Alliance says White Powder Gold and related substances create a temporary improvement in body conditions, and in spiritual expansion experiences, and at the same time they erode the first 3 Strands of the DNA Template, by creating “Molecular Compaction”. The substances temporarily “fire” the dormant codes in the higher dimensional DNA strand Templates, releasing bursts of higher frequency into the DNA template, creating temporary “windows” to the higher dimensions and giving the physical body a temporary boost. But the firing of the higher strand codes, before the lower strand templates are activated enough to process those frequencies, creates “frequency overkill” in the lower strand template (LSD type drugs do this too).

    The higher frequencies begin to crush the natural crystalline arrangement of the scalar-wave grids in the lower strand templates, like a hammer on a quartz crystal cluster. The lower strand templates progressively erode, creating mutation in the physical DNA, and deterioration in related body systems. (The Internal Bio-Regenesis Techniques from the Guardian Alliance fire the higher strand codes, but they simultaneously work to activate the lower strand codes to receive the higher frequencies, following the organic sequence of the DNA template in bring in the frequencies of the higher dimensions of consciousness… this is the natural way, and does not harm the DNA template or body).

    I am told that White Powder Gold substances create a pattern of addiction in the body over time, they are progressively needed to maintain the general health once the lower strand DNA templates begin to unravel; this creates a viscous cycle of more gold = more template decay = need for more gold. Eventually the strand templates mutate the physical DNA and accelerate one’s unnatural passage to the otherworlds. Modern science knows nothing of the DNA templates or what substances effect them, so they can’t really tell anything about the substance except that it appears to create beneficial results “on the outside”.(end quote).

    Anyway I have no intention to scare anyone. Simply inform.


    November 20, 2011 at 1:43 am

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