What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Austerity Their Posterity

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Portugal just collapsed too. Nigel Farage: ‘Bombings, bailouts – what on earth are we doing?’

The people of Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are not as important as Libya people for some reason. There is a lot of misinformation out there. One of the latest I heard is it’s about the water. Virtually unknown in the West: Libya’s water resources. This is in line with the UN Conspiracy to control the worlds water resources and possibly related to this No Confidence Vote on Harpers abuse of power? BlogInt: Water Smelling Phishy

Harper government falls in historic Commons showdown

Ignatieff triggered the motion. Obviously on the Queens orders having met this last summer. I mean, it’s obvious to me. I predicted then that Ignatieff is going to be the next Prime Minsister. For the Queen. As if she is just a quaint figurehead. Is the next election already rigged?

When it comes to what’s happening in Libya it’s as if the people really don’t know. NATO IMHO is a satanic acronym. Play on the word Aton as in Ahkenaton. To me this is where satanism originates. See Tsarions Origins of Evil. If the UN was a positive thing it would be called the UP.

I’m only seeing what is there. How to Stop the NWO.

Do you know why the people in Bahrain began rioting? These Are The Controversial Satellite Photos That Set Off Protests In Bahrain.

I remember saying to myself that protesting is useless. You’ll just get ignored even if you light yourself on fire, but did you know that is what started the unrest in North Africa, a “self-immolation”. How Tunisia’s revolution began.

But people are not seeing the equation completely. I think the big reason they are going into Libya is because they are so close to the Vatican who has remained so free and clear of protesters when in fact that is what they are all protesting.

It’s reds under the bed

Communism is still the big enemy. It’s just another name for satanism. Collective democracy is no different. Really. When I see the unrest in Belgium and all the protestors are wearing red that just means to me the frickn thing is satanic. It’s like when Qadaffi says Al Quaeda is what’s running the protest movement – that is the satanic organization. Sadly, it’s not a far reach to say all governments are satanic. Get the Red Out!

The Libertarian movement in the US is just as bad. Any group that allows satanism to exist within it is doomed.

The key is to fight evil. The best ways are to remain positive and be aware of the evil. Then it’s just a matter of doing a little bit. Anything will help against satanism. We could have the paradise that once belonged to us but people have to want it!

G4T Vlog – Dealing With Bad News and the 3 Stage Collapse of the Suburbs I’m seeing is the collapse of worldwide satanism. It all seems to have started with Wikileaks. All of these riots are against corruption, evil dictators, anti governments, over taxation, higher food and education prices and the austerity measures inflicted by corrupt governments. No one really sees the evil banksters as the puppetmasters so no one is going to see the real controllers beyond them.

In the US they are going forward with QE3. Do you think they mean Queen Elizabeth?

It’s so obvious if you just look. Egypt is not happy about the new law that outlaws protesting.


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