What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Curse of the Interesting Times

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One of the best shows I have ever heard on Revelations Radio is an hour long interview of David Icke by William Henry about the massive global political awakening.

He predicted vibrational change coming to awaken the comatose zombies. Geological events has to sync with the change. We live in interesting times curse. Got to get streetwise to how this game is played. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. How effective is the revolution. Must change the system to government to serve the people. Mass noncooperation. McDonalds analogy. Network of secret societies. Centralization of power facilitated by corporations and secret societies. The EU, such a rude dictatorship, is a model of the of the Global Government.

What can we do?
Get informed. They need you in the low levels of perception and lower consciousness. They control how we interact with reality. Get to the foundation. They need to disconnect us from higher consciousness. Infinite awareness. The outer shell is (ego – see my post: You Got Holes in Your Head OMG) managed. Society is designed to entrap us in the five senses and we police each other.

They have to isolate the droplets from the ocean. The biggest key is to be open to possibilities otherwise you are self editing. You need to loose the fear of what other people think of you. The trolls come out and call crazy, unbelievable. If you want to present the real truth you got to bypass the naysayers. Whose life are you living, whose thoughts are you transmitting. Don’t be a repeater. Promote individuality and uniqueness – not fitting in and not rocking the boat.

The foundation of freedom is setting ourselves free. You’ll never understand the network by weighing what you yourself would do. The reptilian consciousness is psychopathic and without empathy.

It’s not your color that dictates who you are it’s your consciousness. MLK. Human Beings Get Off Your Knees.

Are these serpent beings guarding ancient secret stargate portals?

David compares the Stargates with the internet and suggests that the prison planet is firewalled off from it. (Search “race against time new scientist” to see a good example of firewalling off consciousness. Sign up to read?!?!? EFF the ELL OFF WTF OMFG!!!! What kind of scientist limits the internet?) Cyclical nature of timeloop. Yuga cycles. Cusp of the new information epoch. People vibrating faster are picking up the new information better. The rift and parting of the ways the old paradigm is stuck more so too. The solar system is in the same information stream. Maybe Genetic Manipulation is all about limiting our abilities to connect with.

Analog TV signals actually blocked out the astronomers ability to see whole galaxies. The race against time is that they are selling the bands to corporations. True bad news. Ancients were able to see a much greater band of reality than we are now.

How do we know when we are awakened?

Eliminated conflict. Human form is in a distorted state. The hologram is gibbled. We won’t age he figures. We’ll never be free if we stay in the limited perception we are stuck in now! In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king! We are no longer blind but the one eyed king is still holding on to the control grid they have had thousands of years to build.

Protesting against anti-protest law in Egypt

So people are theorizing about genetically modified humans. I figure that they are having a hard time at the moment with the global awakening. Most of us sheeple have no idea what we are protesting.

Protest in UK over spending cuts they are getting more violent which is retarded. Black Bloc infiltrators are agents provocateurs. They are right to be offended, but they just have no idea what they are up against. More of them should listen to David Icke.

Some people figure the Japan earthquake, tsunami, volcano and nuclear disaster were intentional. I’m certain of it. Maybe they are just shortening our lifespans with this event but that’s not what’s written on the Georgia Guidestones.

Fukushima Sabotaged by Stuxnet Virus?
(The trolls are running out of ammo. All they can do now is call you retarded and hope others will join them. I would take this opportunity to call youtube user bofors7715 a retarded troll. )

Israeli Security Firm in Charge at Japanese Nuke Facilities Prior to Disaster

Who is really calling the shots for NATO in Libya?
Does it make you wonder who is in charge when the Canadian government collapses but a general in that army can decide to head up the NATO forces attacking Libya? Who says he can go in? We say get the hell out, now, all y’all! The illusion is falling away. Canadians used to be proud of their peacekeeping forces. UN was about world peace. NATO was supposed to be a peace army. Can’t lie anymore about that.

Who the hell is in charge from Canada to let a Canadian General take control of the NATO forces enforcing the no-fly zone. NATO wouldn’t do it. Turkey says demands met. Who the hell is giving the order? Who in the hell is running the show?

Libya govt claims 100 dead in raids as NATO takes on no-fly zone power


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March 26, 2011 at 8:59 pm

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