What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Zionim and Sayanists

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‘Zionists in war with consciousnesses’ Of course the headline here caught my eye because I realize the war is on us and our consciousness. The massive global political awakening is being hijacked. While I and many others believe the patriarchy is in it’s final death throes people still need to awaken to the real problem. Maybe they do know more than I think they do. One thing for sure, it aint gonna be on CNN.

Our precious western civilization is infected with a virus. That virus is satanism.

Long Arm of Mossad: ‘Secret kidnap plot’ fails to fool suspect’s wife

Look into Jacob Cohen and Victor Ostrovsky about the Sayanim. Then compare the words zionist and sayanim. Are the Zionim the sayanists? Are they satanists?

This is etymology or psuedo-etymology. I just noticed if you reverse the word Peres you get serep. This fallen angel thing is coming clearer in my mind. The Nephilim are those of no love. Reversing words is a satanists game. Live is evil etc…etc…I noticed the Amor in Roman. And now reverse serephim in peres.

Guess the word: Isis – Ra – Elohim.

Richard Hoagland shows how the star of david is really a 2d representation top down view of two tetrahedrons. Or think two cones, merkava, light geometry and the improperly described electromagnetic spectrum.

I was so astounded when i was first waking up in 2002 and I realized the only other production facility of the almighty Microsoft was in Israel. I never knew or thought much about it but Gates and Jobs are Jewish. You wouldn’t believe what Paul Allen thinks of Billy boy now!

The Jewish hand behind Internet – Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay…

I’m thinking OMG is Larry related to Jimmy Page? Are they clones. You know Salmon Rushdie had a hand in the origination of the wiki concept if not wikipedia itself. Have you seen Salmon Rushdie and Stanton Friedman pictured side by side. Include Stanley Kubrick and Russell H. Tuttle just for the hell of it. And consider the sensitive positions of these men.

The reptilian timetravel ufo disclosure is not far past this realization. Some people figure Bill Gates is reptilian. Some figure we are all reptilian. I figure it’s just hidden technology that they found and now they are pretending it’s UFO extraterrestrial.

#2049 – Renowned Egyptian Archeologist Zahi Hawass: Jews Control the Entire World I just don’t get this. Hawass is so obviously zionist in his behavior.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Found

Michael Tsarion philosphy is major part of the reasoning I have here. If you could call it that. It’s a big scoop. No ones reporting it. Nothing is more important.

At the very least it’s great source material for the movies!

Reality TV moves to a new level?

Listen to this interview. Sean Stone has a very good grasp about what is going on.

Special Guest Sean Stone: Greystone – The ‘Haunted’ Institution 1/4

Special Guest Sean Stone: Greystone – The ‘Haunted’ Institution 2/4

Special Guest Sean Stone: Greystone – The ‘Haunted’ Institution 3/4

Special Guest Sean Stone: Greystone – The ‘Haunted’ Institution 4/4

Kill the virus with the light of gnosis

I can’t find many other overviews that are more accurate and all encompassing than Barbara Hand-Clow. She is a breed apart in the field she works. I’ve never heard a better summation of gnosticism, religion, world events and alternate dimensions. She suggests that Archons operate in the 4th dimension and she calls it something I equate with the collective unconscious. Yahweh the head Archon. Religion is infected with a virus of sorts.

Barbara Hand Clow – 9th Underworld Cycle of the Mayan Calendar

UnClear Physics and Critical Math

This project Camelot interview sort of belongs in the total. Everyone’s perspective is part of the big picture. Some angles here I never though of for sure.
Keith Hunter.mp3


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