What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Oil is a Renewable Resource

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Depending on how you phrase things ideas can take on entire new meanings. Oil is renewable by my calculations. The reason the general public is unaware of this kink in the fabric of general consensus reality is because the general public is the source material for the resupply of the underground oil. In the April 2006 Discover Magazine there is an article called “Anything into Oil” indicating the interest of Warren Buffet. He was going to build a plant for it in central America somewhere then that was the last anyone heard about it. Do you think this is why he is being so philanthropic nowadays? Is he making up for evil karma?

Peak oil, then, is a renewable resource for the globalists.

Global oil supply-On the Edge with Max Keiser-05-06-2011-(Part1)

Global oil supply-On the Edge with Max Keiser-05-06-2011-(Part2)

Other books of truth written as fiction you should read are Graham Hancock’s Entangled, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Dan Brown’s Davinci Code.

According to the Hopi Indians humanity has been through this scenario four times already. We are going into the fifth world. By my calculations there has to be a huge civilization wipeout, Noah’s Ark style, in order for the globalist’s to maintain their fraudulent existence. Humanity is waking up as per “Archaic Revival” and “Revelations” to this plan. I don’t think we learned last time.

Ancient technologies were highly advanced. More than we can even imagine.

I have it clear in my mind but I haven’t made it clear for you yet. The dark ages was a period in history we can look at to compare to what is going on now. What was the dark ages really? It was just a period of time where a bunch of royalty kept its fiefdoms uninformed and thereby under their control. Currently the power elites of the world are coming under fire for this very thing. We are in a period of time where information is running rampant and while there are still very many serf like people many more are waking up to the vulnerable state that ignorance leaves them in.

Now stupid is another story. Stupid, by definition, is to choose ignorance. Ignorance can be alleviated. I happen to disagree with people being allowed to be stupid. Liberty is a freedom that allows people to choose ignorance. If we have to have a government which is bent on control then Liberty would be one of the stupid policies which allows people to choose ignorance which the government agrees with. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for freedom. You know REAL freedom. Not some weekend allowance to get drunk or take a few weeks off work. I mean freedom like – O for jesus sakes you know what I mean! Just think about it OK?

I wonder if anyone even remembers the Bolsheviks. People are aware of police state problems in some cases of history but while it’s creeping gradually into our lives our choice of ignorance blinds us to this globalist tactic. America was founded on freedom but the globalist enemy never went away. They just got wiley subversive.

Think about what would be the controlling elites biggest problems over long long periods of time. How would they deal with them? Then, how would it look to us generally uninformed masses? Science and history are totally controlled. The scientific dictatorship, as exemplified by one Zahi Hawass, is such a well constructed control mechanism even intelligent people get trapped. Government is their control device.

In my opinion ancient Egypt was originally all about freedom from this very thing. The mummified remains of the members were systematically destroyed and removed from general history. This would be one of the elitists biggest problems. How to hide or destroy archaeological evidence of alternative histories.

Even the science of carbon dating is currently in the news right now. In fact it’s huge news about the sun changing the decay rate of radioactive material.

Unexpected Changes in the Sun Will Change US, Too

I figure that the way the world works now humanity could not build the pyramids or an equivalent architectural feat. In fact, government is so unproductive it couldn’t even destroy them. But the same truth does not apply to the globalist elites and their crony priesthood of lucifer worshippers – yes religion is definitely part of their control system. The bible has so many real truths in it that it became a problem for them. So, it has also been reconstructed to suit their needs.

If they just killed us all, like the Bolsheviks tried to do, and then buried our bodies they would be left with a future problem of archaeological evidence. Then people would eventually figure out that the elites really don’t give a crap about us and would do something like start a secret society (like the Freemasons) and form a collective (like America) to take on the elites at their own game. And the elites would quickly realize they needed to do something (like infiltrate them with Communism) so they wouldn’t loose their ill gotten gains.

Terrorism’s Big Dirty Secret

So, what would be the best way to reduce the population Georgia Guidestones style? Well, how about Humans Into Oil!


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