What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Global Awakening 101

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The Rapture, whatever that really is, is not likely to happen today. If anything it’s slower than we can observe, but that won’t stop the retards in the media from going crazy over some rumor about planetary alignment. The psy-war specialists are exploiting a known event. The end of the world is coming, but it’s nothing like what you would normally think. What the globalist elites are aware of is the changes coming that will empower the individual to know truth which in turn will deny them the key element of their mind control systems.

Freedom 101! Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio interviewed on Resistance Radio

I really like Stephan Molyneux. I don’t agree with him all the way but his position is very palatable. Peace and the non initiation of force, the proper treatment of children and maximizing entrepreneurial spirit. Wipe the slate and start here.

Terence McKenna: Archaic Revival ‘Lecture’ – 1/6

There is plenty of recorded Terence Mckenna talks. It’s worth the research. Just listen to these super intellectuals, they drive circles around the mainstream talking heads. The truth about ancient Egypt has a lot to do with the underworld which can be accessed by psychedelic hallucinogens such as Di-Methyltriptamine, Ayahuasca and Amanita Muscaria.

RIC Akhenaton & the Cult of Aton..Mtsar

The roots of the problems are coming to light but to solve it humanity has to first admit there is a problem. Then get to the causes. Then it’s up to each of us, especially you, to do the solving. Every little bit counts. God helps those who help each other. In the end you are your own judge.

Michael Persinger on No More Secrets

Now here is one of the most interesting lectures I have ever seen. How about that flying horned goat hand signal he must’ve gone to Texas U!

Soviet Files: The Sakharov Paradox

I don’t know very much about Persinger. I think he might be affiliated with the CIA. Same with Sahkarov yet what they are saying is as important as ever. The best secrets are coming from the intelligence services whistleblowers and political dissidents. When we all wake up there can be no more secrets, no doubt in my mind.

Secret Weather Weapons Can Kill Millions, Warns Top Russian Politician

Zhirinovsky Threatens to Destroy the World Using Secret “Tsunami-WMD”

Alex Jones Exclusive 1/5: David Icke On The Global Awakening

But wait! There’s more. The names of so many researchers can help you help yourself in this issue. Look into great people such as Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, Carmen Boulter, William Henry and so many others think you need to wake up! How in the hell are people still sleeping through this?

RT’s Interview with Julian Assange (May 2011) COMPLETE – pay attention to what he says, especially about Facebook.

I just don’t get how anything could be even slightly more important than all this. The Middle East / North Africa unrest is orchestrated due to the elites awareness of the awakening. They are accelerating their police state agenda on the world because the nearly 7 billion of us are noticing the depopulation agenda. They are creeping death on us via Fukushima, the BP Oilspill Core-Exit, Craig Venter’s synthetic bio-organisms, Bill Gates’ vaccinating mosquitoes, Donny Rumsfeld’s MSG and Aspartame, Rahm Emmanuella’s terahertz body scanners, Himmler and Goering’s Fluoride, etc…And some of us are just not going to take it anymore. 11:11 Smash Your Radio! 1/1/11

The Censorship of the Key I find Whitley’s voice so annoying. I suppose it’s because he does his own commercials and I hate commercials so much! Anyways add Jim Marrs to that list of people to research.

Don’t you wonder why they are doing it? Do you think it’s to prevent us from getting to the truth? How can we know what they are keeping from us? Aren’t you offended that they are keeping you down? Can you be proud of a nation that espouses stupidity? I think not. We could be technologically superior to our past if we were allowed to attain our potential. I have written plenty about this: Don’t you need to know more?


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