What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Alighting the Illuminaughty

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The Death Cult Agenda with Author Fritz Springmeier 1/3

The Death Cult Agenda with Author Fritz Springmeier 2/3

The Death Cult Agenda with Author Fritz Springmeier 3/3

On becoming a shellfish bottom feeder

What do black magick, black ops and butt sex have in common? Global elites.

To join the illuminati simply adopt the roman, evil position (the opposite of live, amor) or embrace “those of no love” (the nephilim). Fly the red flag and join the communist party or enroll in the church of satan. You can beat your kids, divorce your wife or traumatize your friends as if they were your enemies because everything is backwards. You’ll become egotistic and greedy and lazy and slothful. If you have a penchant for anal sex your rape victim can be either sex or maybe not even human at all. After all you are appealing to the collectivist reptillian. Then just give the secret hand signals like the hookem horns or the peace sign or the OK 666 with three fingers out and thumb and forefinger circled. Then you can be cruel to your minions as you gain power and influence.

You needn’t worry about karma because you are working for the man now! He will take care of you and make your ego very happy. One percent of seven billion can’t all be wrong!

Henry Makow has been exposing the Illuminati for years

The Illuminati Mentality
Turkey’s “Donmeh” are the Illuminati Prototype
Just browse the Articles he’s written.

Globalists are getting desperate as the real global awakening is falling out of the bounds of their cunning plans

We May Be Witnessing the First Large Global Conflict Where People Are Aligned by Consciousness and Not Nation State or Religion By Naomi Wolf

OCW Primer: Oakland Police – Serving the Reptile

WikiLeaks’ Assange loses extradition appeal in UK

Illuminati Satanic 2012+ UFO event, Bill Cooper and silenced NWO researchers

Order Out of Chaos and Revelation of the Method

All this has been written and exposed. But the kicker here is the gas tail of Elenin.

ELENIN: Lucifer’s Comet Contact via “Hidden Form”

Now, according to the video Comet Elenin – The Hopi Blue Star Kachina Forecast for 9/2011 to 1/2012 as featured on my post Suspicious Timing of Comet Elenin Earth is in the Hydrogen Cyanide gas trail of Comet Elenin. To save you some time start watching this video at 25:00 to see the schedule.

We didn’t really get an electromagnetic effect. But from today, Nov 3 2011 to Tuesday Nov 8 2011 we’ll all be breathing air that may or may not be contaminated with whatever is coming off the comet in it’s tail. The next elenin problem will be Nov 20 to 25 2011 as it aligns on the outside with the earth and sun.

Remember the First Earth Battalion has been reactivated to deal with possible grid failure. Maybe they saw the future or maybe they programmed it. Maybe they know from forbidden history that it’s a repeating cycle. But what if they came back from the future in the first place. In any event the truth is way stranger than anything; it’s a Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive. And to be in on it all you have to do is nothing at all.


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  1. Thats some pretty heavy suga

    Darren K.

    November 7, 2011 at 2:11 am

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