What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Project 12 DMT Reincarnation Free Energy Resurgence

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Well, there doesnt seem to be much to write about these days on the one hand. But, on the other, there are things happening that reinvigorate my hope for a better mankind.

David Wilcock had a radio interview with some great points. He is one of the clued in people trying to tell the others and is having some success.

I like him because he shows how the elites are using the hidden technologies against us. I really like that there are more and more people turning on to the same thing and appear to be going in the right direction.

I just found out about the Project 12 and Valery Uvarov


Old Atlantis same as New Atlantis?

And, Carmen Boulter, another of my favorites, is helping break the media blackout on the Bosnian Pyramids. The interview on Revelations had a couple great points and a few useful names dropped. Michael Tellinger, Klaus Donna, Göbekli Tepe, comet ISON and more.

Carmen is the one that suggested, in the Pyramid Code series, that the elites have a vested interest in negativizing the planet. By building their torture chambers, such as Abu Ghraib, on sensitive geogrid locations and by causing large mass casualties at specific times, like the recent navyyard shootings, the elites are manipulating the “ether” and the collective unconscious to meet their requirements. Think terraforming on the human subconscious.

What’s interesting to me is the fact that the truth really is leaking out. The masses are actually becoming more attuned to recieving the real truth even though the elitists are ramped up to maximum disruption from the chemtrails, vaccinations, fluoridation, education, etc. Their distrust in the government and the media is exploding and their frustration at failed operations, such as the tea party and the occupy movement, is only causing polarity divisions. Which is good because it is clarifying peoples positions in the war of good versus evil.

They are struggling to maintain their system of control

Things like this…

Solar panels could destroy U.S. utilities, according to U.S. utilities

…bother me because it indicates the clamoring masses are more interested in preserving the system than moving on to a greater future.

Alex Jones is epitomizing this position as well. The Oathkeepers movement has a new thing called “Civilization Preservation Teams” which I found almost as alarming as Jesse Ventura’s new running mate, of all people, Howard Stern. I’m sorry, but, this civilization is f**ked and Stern is one of the reasons. My vote is totally against the preservation of this civilization. It really needs to evolve.

Which is why I really like things like Project 12. It’s oddly disconcerting to realize that you have to go to Russia to evolve.

Boston brake the elitists

The truthes about timetravel, ufo’s, DMT, aliens, chemtrails, satanism, mind control, free energy are all pointing to the same singular conspiracy and finally people really are getting it. Thankfully.

Speaking of thanksgiving, Goro Adachi is suggesting that Turkey Day is massively important. He is an investigator of this “ether” that the elites have been manipulating.

Revelations of the method designed to put us to sleep

The timing of the wikileaks and Snowden revelations were calculated for maximum pacification, somehow. The occult ritual “revelation of the method” in action. How is it even possible that people aren’t lopping heads off when it’s on the record about satanism, child abduction, human trafficking, state sanctioned criminal behaviour and now the apparatus to exercise complete totalitarian control is exposed as up and running. I suppose it’s all too much for the average “GOYIM” to understand.

The truth hurts

Investigator Jim Stone is spot on with most of his writing. His Fukushima Report is not the only thing he’s written.

I wish him to get more coverage :

Send him a bitcoin: 1LXwQoVSw9MrDCV2G8ZGEbnewgUr9xXaB8

Support for my earlier arguments

Psychedelics Researcher Says DMT Might Mediate Between Our Consciousness and Other Realities


Software that tracks your every move and predicts future behavior draws heat

I think that the alternative realities and multiple dimensions really exist. The elites know about it via their secret societies, like the OTO, and they are preventing the masses from learning about it using their established secret services, like the NSA. Bill Deagle talks about the tech behind predictive programming.

And I’ve talked and talked and written about this stuff so much I’m surprised my face isn’t blue.

The problem is our human potential. Their problem and our problem. Theirs because they can’t contain people who are of higher and maximized potential and ours because we want to achieve that and generally can’t. Theirs because smart people can potentially see what they are doing and ours because we generally can’t see what they are doing. That’s where their attacks against us are aimed and that is what we need to reclaim. Invent some mind virus that undermines their ability to hide along with some new financial system based on human potential and free education for anyone that contributes. When our bread and butter is based on what we can do for a society that rewards us with more potential then civilization will flourish. Then it would all be worth it, we would be worthy and life would be worth living. As it stands I’m not so sure.

“The truth is like a finger pointing away to the moon.
If you can only see the finger you will miss all the heavenly glory,”
Bruce Lee.

Imagine a world where human potential is maximized. This is why they are afraid that we might find out the truth. Then they’d be faced with a gazillion pissed off Bruce Lee’s angrier than hornets all coming after them because they tried limiting their potential.

Anyways, after that I think it could be pretty nice.

Mean of Social Controls

Questers Wave Theory

Humans Into Oil


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