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Is Satoshi Nakamoto a Secret Agent?

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So I was watching this video CoinTalk 008 – Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas 2013 Part 1 of 5 when one of the speakers acknowledged that the most bitcoin transaction trafic is occuring in Isreal. This set off my alarm bells and I immediately connected Satoshi Nakamoto and the zionists in my mind. I looked up the whitepaper and found several anomalies including the perfect english. My first look pulls up this article

Israeli Mathematicians Connect Mysterious Bitcoin Founder to Silk Road’s ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ (UPDATE)

And this is exactly what they would do if they really were invovled in it’s creation. Of course, it’s my awareness of the need for the NWO to create the one world everything for their orwellian state global government to succeed. They need to destroy our nationalism and family values along with other planks of the communist manifesto to establish their one world government. The New Age Movement is the example of their one world religion. The UN is their stepping stone to the one world goverment along with the orwellian global trading blocks such as the EU and SPP/TPP etc. And I am afraid that Bitcoin may very well be their One World Currency.

12 Days of Bitcoin: Who Is the Creator?

A Bitcoin Insider On Crime, Congress And Satoshi Nakamoto

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto, the Creator of Bitcoin?

I Think I Know Who Satoshi Is

Perhaps the scariest theory of all is that Bitcoin is actually an Orwellian vehicle that would allow governments to monitor all financial transactions. Bitcoin is often touted for its anonymity, but the transparent nature of the blockchain means every transaction is potentially traceable. Even if each transaction is only associated with a key, armed with enough information, certain organizations would eventually be able to connect the dots. In theory, anyway. In reality, government involvement isn’t likely, though by no means an impossibility.

Who Is The Real Satoshi Nakamoto? One Researcher May Have Found The Answer

TC: Does it matter? What would it change if it did, in your opinion?
SG: I think it’s very important to identify Satoshi at this point in Bitcoin’s history. The “agenda” behind Bitcoin, if there is any, cannot stay in the shadow if Bitcoin is to become a mainstream alternative currency, a challenge to the world’s monetary status quo. There has been speculation that Bitcoin may have been created by a government agency (the main employers of cryptographers of mathematicians) in an attempt to make financial transactions easier to mine for interesting data patterns: we need to clear that up before we start relying heavily on Bitcoin in our lives.

I think it would be great news for Bitcoin if Nick Szabo turned out to be the mastermind behind it. Nick appears to be a remarkably brilliant, disinterested polymath academic. Who would you rather have at the origins of Bitcoin, a visionary professor and collaborators, or spooks?

The New Yorker’s Joshua Davis Attempts to Identify Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

It’s not just one thing either, you got to take a look at many things. A bigger picture if you will.

Like the NSA’s encryption backdoors that I just found out about.

The Year in Crypto [30c3]

Boycott Of RSA Security Conference Builds In Wake Of NSA Spy Scandal: Report

Bitcoins – secured by NSA designed encryption or backdoored?

The fact is that SHA is an NSA cryptorythmic exclusive.

Tor anonymity network could be ‘easily compromised,’ researcher says

Even SSL the https thing HTTPS Everywhere tries to say is so great is based on SHA.

How the NSA, and your boss, can intercept and break SSL

BitCoin CIA Connection

The EyeOpener – Exposing ‘In-Q –Tel’: The CIA’s Own Venture Capital Firm

BITCOIN: Linked to In-Q-Tel and Inflationary Collapse

Nicole Lendman commented on this video

when I first heard of bitcoin I had a Huge feeling that it could not be trusted. The NWO has wanted a One world currency for the longest time. and with so many angry at the US gov and sick of the tyranny they tricked many!! they make it look like its the good guys fighting the system and every one buys it Hook line and sinker! These people have a ZERO fail global plan! they know how to manipulate every one! they have goals that they work on for Decades! and admits all the anti gov anger they sneaked this one in and I seen it for what it was!
The only “Money” worth having is Precious Metals that you actually have on hand!! 

The NSA is essentially compromised to the Isrealis.

Israel and the NSA Scandal

If you take those anecdotes then the idea that bitcoin is a black op comes to the forefront of possibilities.

The first trap: feigned anonymity. Bitcoin is not an attack on governments it’s the other way around. It’s like when they moved into iraq and had everyone vote with their fingerprints. Where was their electronic voting machines there?

If those are the clues, what else was happening in the world when Bitcoin came out?

When Bitcoin came out it also displaced distributed computing as a popular hobby. Golman Sachs was openly robbing Greece of all it’s assets. The local banks were robbing everyone else of their houses. And right now it is distracting the intelligentia of many nations. There is alot of money moving in bitcoin exchanges and it’s currently unregulated. And it’s just like the wild west if you are following the news on it. Scamsters, pump and dump and ponzi schemes galore.

Singapore Government: This is How We Intend to Tax Bitcoin and what’s this massive AHOLES name that runs Coin Republic?

Goldman Sachs Director to Join Board of Bitcoin Startup Circle

Winklevoss twins’ risky Bitcoin bet

These ass clowns are “regulator friendly” and are either attacking bitcoin or directing it in ways that will not be agreeable IMO.

And who is always behind the scenes in the biggest market swings and other news?

Yahoo, Alibaba And Why Mayer Can Keep Buying Whatever She Wants Do you think this has any influence over the TAOBAO banning bitcoin on it’s site? And how much do you want to bet they are in bed at BAIDU too?

Bitcoin’s Biggest Bet: Andreessen Horowitz Leads $25 Million Investment in Coinbase

They are in it neck deep whether or not they invented it. Judging by their past behaviour, current involvement and future plans for the rest of humanity it is my opinion that the threat level should be at least orange. More like DEFCON 4.5. Trap number two: pay your taxes.

So what is the truth about bitcoin?

The Pros & Cons of Bitcoins

Strangely enough, I think the infiltration is exactly that and if people are aware of the inherent threat then it will fizzle. Like the internet itself biting its creators ass, the out of control freedom will prevail.

Keiser Report: Bitcoin is Beautiful (E526)
In the above video I discovered that Stockholm has the most bitcoin nodes per capita which is a huge relief on one hand but, isn’t that close to the center of centralized banking? I see them madly trying to outfox Bitcoin.

Keiser Report: Empire Kaput, Crypto-Currencies 2014! (E543)

Hay! You just invented the best thing yet Max, oversight com = opensource p2p governance with volunteer taxes and open networked NSA surveillance which reminded me of this next video. I was thinking of this what he calls algorythmic governance also as a solution that would work but how could we implement it?

Incentivize Full Nodes + Bitcoin Boom + Algorithmic Government | Morning Bit Ep 35

I think that the NSA could survive if it opens it’s databases opensource style where everyone is allowed to scrutinize it. In that way the actual terrorists would be outed to the public and would no longer be able to behave like that. And the NSA employees can actually stay employed! I might even be able to agree with that kind of surveillance society. A peer to peer government would solve the tax problem too if it’s agreeable to everyone and allows people to pay what they want but, most of the politicians wouldn’t be able to keep the same jobs LOL. A collectivism can work too if it’s contribution based like the UBUNTU party. Ultimately the secrecy should end. It would solve every last problem we have.

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January 10, 2014 at 9:44 am

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  1. what do you think of this odd little anecdote?

    WTF? Bitcoins illegal in Iceland?

    Now I’m really effin confused!


    January 23, 2014 at 6:05 pm

  2. […] Is Satoshi Nakamoto a Secret Agent? […]

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