What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

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Welcome to my blog.

I have made the choice to discover what is wrong with my world.

Most people live in some kind of oblivion that is artificially induced. The truth as I have discovered it is dangerous. Some people prefer to live in ignorant bliss. If you want to remain ignorant that is fine, but you should not proceed any further into this blog. I want to remove the veil of stupidity so you can alleviate your own ignorance. But all the information in the world won’t make a lick of difference if you already have your mind made up.

Shattering ones worldview can be hard on the psyche. If you are not prepared to go over the deep end, discover the frontiers of craziness and travel beyond the ordinary then don’t read any further. The truth is insane and by extension you can become insane by knowing this truth. Seriously. If you are already crazy then you probably already know half the stuff on this blog. There is still plenty for you to learn here, for instance there is probably nothing really wrong with you, the world really is crazy and the end of this crazy world really is coming. Our state of mind is all important and how we feel about ourselves is extended out into the world. The trick is to control it.

My intention is not to make anyone crazy or angry or mad. I intend to point out the external causes to your existing state so you can become empowered to fix your own problems. You can create a better world for yourself once you discover the real reasons that you are being held back. When you are in a better place then I am also, but our future is being artificially bleakened. We all need to work together to solve this. Including, somehow, the stupids.

By reading this blog you may come to realize things that you probably don’t even want to know about. The underlying fabric of society is unbelievably distasteful. Past that it doesn’t have to be like this. Society itself is awakening to this evil. We all know we are being ripped off. The biggest secret is how powerful we are as individuals and as a collective. The end is in the means. Memes.

I am hoping that my theories, insight and analysis are contributing to a future that is palatable for all. I have reduced the complexity of this problem as far as I can. There is only one truth, only one conspiracy and only one solution: you. All that can be reduced down to a single concept: Merkava. If you learn only this one thing, I have done my job. When you free your mind, you free my mind also. That is what they are afraid of.

If you have to ignore all that and get right to the cheese simply think positive. If you can stay positive then get other people positive. It’s an endless loop, see. Do it as an act of defiance. In the end you are your own judge, be kind to yourself. There are two ways to combat evil. The good one is obvious, every little bit counts. But there are people that are doing evil that don’t want to. The best thing for them to do is nothing. We can win this thing.

Awareness is the key. Consciousness is the doorway. We don’t need no stinkin’ gatekeepers.

cleverman by jojo on youtube.

Couldn’t have said it better if I had made this myself. Thanks to StudioJOHO you can “get it” and I don’t have to have a stress attack trying to make you understand. I guess this is what art is all about.


Written by sugamari

February 23, 2010 at 11:10 pm

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  1. isn’t that a picture from that movie – They Live – or whatever… where the magic special sunglasses show you the truth of the infestation and brainwashing? – HA HA! There are a lot of us who are SO with you, we just haven’t all connected yet. See you in Enota. I’ve been on this path of awakening, gd-it, most of my life – b/c the pat paradigms don’t work and they didn’t work for me especially, so I kept digging. And they brought me here and to a lot of other things and the brink of immortality and who knows what. So many things conspired to wake me up, I suspect a whole bunch of us all chose to be born in this time. It certainly is a wild ride ;-)


    May 14, 2011 at 3:44 pm

  2. Half your premise is based on the false fact that somehow anarchy as a concept, should somehow rule. It does not. This crazy world, made up of many “you’s” has a direction and purpose. While this purpose is not widely known, even by you, or me, it’s goal is simple. Have fun, enjoy your friends, neighbors, enemies, earth. Not having a clearly defined purpose is ON purpose. How would we know which tangent we will embark upon next? Remember, animals first, enlightened being next……then what? We Choose.

    One of the first self realizations of mind the young human makes, is that their current physical body and mind are finite. With this realization, some people begin to say, “because I will die, everyone will die”. Just like ideas, we all evolve, not finite, and there are no “big end of times” to predict.

    Matthew Scheffelman

    November 17, 2011 at 4:22 am

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