What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Table of Contents

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  1. The Effluent Society – Whew what stinks? Is that you?
  2. Art Imitates Life – I’m all out of bubblegum
  3. Azimuth Full Circle – Deja Veiw
  4. Boss Boss De Plane De Plane – How tall am I?
  5. Is it the Number of the Beast – Don’t dial this number
  6. Serfdom and Satanic Servitude – From
  7. Terrific Convergence – It’s all coming together now… for them
  8. Questers Wave Theory – Seekers of Unity Resonate
  9. Questers Wave Theory II – Hackers of Reality Unite
  10. Scrying for Shakin Makers – You are all the One
  11. Its Not So Bad We Can Hack It – We can all hack it too
  12. Ego Egregore Set – What’s next, gargoyles?
  13. All Your History Are Belong To Us – Sofa King We Todd It
  14. Secret Caves Hidden on Mars Agenda – Who knew?
  15. Mean of Social Controls – Social controls are mean
  16. Entrance Entrain Entrench – The three steps to music monopoly
  17. Why Are You So Fat – It ain’t cuz Prince Charles likes McDonalds
  18. State of the Internet Address – only thing we have to fear is fear itself
  19. Get Your Bullshit Detector Repaired – Or turn it into a boat
  20. So Crazy It Must Be Gods – Don’t Beleaguered Gentlemen
  21. Who is Killing Our Bees – U N that’s W H O
  22. Terrific Convergence II – Usurped harmonic convergence was ours
  23. Black SALAMI XI Ops Ben Dover – Take it up the a$$
  24. The Object of Time – Introduction of mass complexity
  25. Media Complicitly Calling Killers – A rock head of a Medusa
  26. The Cost of Stupidity – You are the banker unit not the $
  27. Revelations of the Method – O the nerve of these bastards
  28. Instructions For My New Mom – Your next life is affected by you now
  29. Valentines Day Pentagram – Soul eaters schedule
  30. Suicide by Conspiracy Theory – Well get on with it or pay me to shut up
  31. Why Is the Sky Blue Daddy? – The galactic plane or Black Sun
  32. Get Some Balls You’re Already Dead – Fixing the planet is your job too
  33. Dear Truther You SeeKing 2 – Jesus Christ some people are just nuts
  34. They Made Bruce and Charlie – We are all stars not just an idolic few
  35. Truth Hurts Only the Ruling Elite – They will pay you to be stupid too
  36. Why They Are Behind Schedule – Too many stupids in their midst haha
  37. What Is Wrong With This Picture – Anomaly courtesy esoteric elite
  38. We Are Our Own Guardian Angels – More to this than meets my eye
  39. The Real Agenda – Satanic poo lovers bring us down
  40. Legalize Pot – Way of No Way – Industrial coup de etat is needed

  41. Half Moon Full Circle – Back to square one again
  42. Vote Ron Paul – Robbing Peter to pay Paul
  43. Do Not Vaccinate Ever – Unless you want to be retarded
  44. Cornwall Satanic Mindcontrol – No Satan just controllers
  45. It Was a Democracy – A long long time ago
  46. Bring Me the Head of Dagobert – My Chair, the Arc, the Spear
  47. The Holy Sea of Bullshit – Drink up poison it’s OK not
  48. The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock – Enigma inside riddle inside yoke
  49. Mother Of All Scams – Their secret weapon of mass destruction
  50. Reptilians Are Mind Control – UFO’s, alien intervention, messiah all BS
  51. Free Tibet and YOUR Ass Will Follow – How can we be sure of anything
  52. Peace Never Needed Any Law – Good cannot be controlled
  53. Heads of the Medusa – Get stoned first then look
  54. Stern About Bear – Leave no stern untoned
  55. Triumvirus of Evil – Can you live without religion
  56. You Are The Hundredth Monkey – When you change we all change

  57. Coincidenser and Coincidensity – Creative license to make words
  58. Hyperdocilated Sheeple and Laycows – Lemmings at the buffalo jump
  59. Demolecularizing the Fat Lady – Got to be really high C note
  60. Reciprocating Aristrocities – Deja vu of stinky poo
  61. Smoking Mirrors and Straight Dope – Never a straight answer
  62. Weaponized Food Supply – They are really killing us
  63. It’s Just Exopolitics – Continued from the future
  64. Nothing Personal It’s… – Part one from the last part
  65. Humans Into Oil – Yes this is possibly probable
  66. Doppler Shift Paradigm Shift – You won’t recognize time displacement
  67. Pandora’s Pandemic Panic – WHO is UNable to help US live better
  68. Hack Recidivism Corrupted Journalism
  69. Better Than Science Fiction – Gonna hurt the movie industry
  70. Novus Civilarium – New world on our terms

  71. Phenomalous Expediences – Anomalous experiences
  72. BlogInt: Truth Bleed Through – Coverup fabric disintegrating
  73. The Holofractographic Universe – Nassim Harramein
  74. BlogInt: Pwning the Poners – Catch them on film upload it
  75. BlogInt: Ass on a Platter – Serve it up
  76. They Live and V Are True – More truth in the movies than the news
  77. BlogInt: Water Smelling Phishy – It’s the rotten scourges
  78. Reptilian Makeup Wearing Off – And are they ever ugly
  79. Official Anti Elite Coalition Theme – You are so already in it
  80. Galactic Seasons of the Great Year – Spring is here
  81. Diets of the Rich and Famous – They don’t have to poo
  82. JP Morgan to Die Buy Silver – Werewolves and vampires are real
  83. DJ Sugamari Essential Mix pt 1 – Wanna be in the rush
  84. Wizards Lizard Gizzard Blizzard – Lukes of Hazzard
  85. Ignants and Borgnants – Assimilate or suffer freedom
  86. Recordkeeping Enables Timetravel – Bye bye american pye
  87. Assange(L), Assclown or AssUMe – Asynchronous assynergy
  88. Heroes of the Evolution – Ambassadors of your future
  89. Hundredth Retarded Monkey Syndrome – You got it
  90. Ancient Heartbeat of the Field of Mfkzt – Holofractographaliciousexpialidocious
  91. Self Organizing Singularity – Eschaton at the beginning of time
  92. You Got Holes in Your Head OMG – Blowhard your skin is an organ
  93. Distributed Bitcoins for Freedom – Hackers of Reality Unite!

  94. 11:11 Smash Your Radio! 1/1/11 – Alarm bells going off
  95. Society in This World is a Joke – Humor is necessary
  96. Sugamari Loves JezebelDecibel – I think therefore I smell something fishy
  97. Hacktivicists Melting Superlamers Honeypot – Pwned
  98. Acounterpost Now! – Somebody’s got to unscrew it
  99. Who Controls You Controls the Present – Who controls the presence
  100. Disclosure is Timetravel – Gregorian Loop
  101. Making Waking Lightning – Uncatting the matting
  102. Live True Do Truth Be Truist – Betcha can’t do it
  103. Solar Teardus Reigns Always Fall – Cycle of the sane
  104. Global Awakening Warming Seats of Power – Climategate triggers massive global awakening
  105. Free Energy, Open Source, Killer Combo – Arc strike the fart of the beast
  106. Coverage of Dakar Rally 2011 – Where you going with my car
  107. Ancient Egyptian Puzzle and Some Modern Pieces – Governments will fall
  108. Free Your Mind, Energy and People – Anarchies will reign
  109. Banning the Truth? Rout the Lamers Out! – It’s a brave new world
  110. Military Archaeology – Stargate o stargate where arc thou
  111. Get the Red Out – You know, out of the flag
  112. Get With the deProgram – Or get faced with their reprogram
  113. EleMental Ascension – Silverware kills them
  114. Rolling Power Rockouts – Might as well have their socks out
  115. Don’t Worry Be Crappy – We got pills for that
  116. The Science of the Soft Kill – O you know you like it
  117. Austerity Their Posterity – Burn their asses
  118. Curse of the Interesting Times – May you break the sweat of a thousand hairy armpits
  119. Secret Space Wars Preventing Disclosure – Everything is preventing disclosure
  120. Mad Max Predicted This – And Mel is telling
  121. Consensus Reality In Paradigm Shift – Hurry up we got only so long
  122. BlogInt: Break it Down – How can you stand this place
  123. Zionim and Sayanists – Nope no relationshit here
  124. Silver Liberation Army Vs JP Morgan – You are going down bitch
  125. Million Martyr March – Off with their heads
  126. Oil is a Renewable Resource – And you are the source material
  127. Drunvalo Melchizedek Ascension Geomancy – Leylines to saturnalia their genitalia
  128. Global Awakening 101 – Good lord peeples wake up
  129. Unnatural Disasters and Tectonic Terrorism – Fukushima was on purpose too
  130. Suspicious Timing of Comet Elenin – The vatican nose
  131. Big Oil, Pharma, Gov’t vs. Big People, Ideas, Disclosure – Big dickheads vs the rest of us
  132. Engineered Spontaneous Implosion Critical Mass Upon US – I foockin’ had it :)
  133. Michael Tsarion Age of Decay – Ya this age passed information
  134. Eugenicist’s Sly Use of Gardasil – By deception they rule the sleeple
  135. Stefan Molyneux Apostle of Anarchic Theory – Who’s afraid of the big bad anarchist
  136. John Lash YHVH is Butt Frickn Ugly – And so are the assclowns that warship him
  137. Asshole Hippies From Outer Space – Or is it the earthlings
  138. A Higher Awareness; Don’t Buy the Hype – You’ll be sold down the river
  139. Welcome to Tamuanchán Crystal Skulls Opening 11.11.11 Portal
  140. Alighting the Illuminaughty – Terribilis Est Locus Iste
  141. Born Again Golden Age: Hippies of the World, Unite – So they can get you all in one place
  142. Nick Redfern Don’t Count On Them To Disclose Anything – The system would collapse

  143. The Son of God is Sonic – Not just solar
  144. Perception Management Tactics Failing – We’re outa their control
  145. Rue the day: A spate of the spurned – You bastards will suck rocks in hell
  146. Frequency Freaks Frequently Freaking – Fantabulous Fookheads
  147. Steps to Sovereign Freemanity – Better off being an ALIEN
  148. Avatar and Gamer are Real: Occult High Technology – They can highjack us they’re demons
  149. David Icke Wembley 2012 – Jolly Good Showofitman!
  150. Project Camelot: Shadow Ops Pilot – Got something in my eye and I can’t quite see it
  151. Resonance Renaissance Reconnaissance – They are watching you sleep
  152. The Tree Of Knowledge (Terence McKenna) [FULL] – Barking it up
  153. RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY – Hippies were right again
  154. Anticipate Dakar 2013 – Nice way to spend the winter
  155. Sandy Hook LIBOR Distractor – All false flags are distractors
  156. WTF Else Are They Hiding? WTF else are they doing?

  157. The Topic of Topics – Archons the topic of the century
  158. Accelerated Incendiarianism – Stepping up the fear porn
  159. Boston Brutes, False Fags and Duplicitous Diplomats – Haha False Fags LOL
  160. Project 12 DMT Reincarnation Free Energy Resurgence – Wake up and smell the Ayahuasca
  161. 3D Printing Rocks Thrive and Breakthrough Energy – Another stake in the heart of the vampires
  162. 3d Printing Rocks Papers and Circuitry – The tools of freedom
  163. Still Waking Life Sleeps – Needs smelling salts
  164. Mon Deux L’etheria; My God is the Ether – Nuff said
  165. Fracking is Agenda 21 – So is fluoride msg and chemtrails
  166. Space Race and Other Indigenous Species – Questions from the hyperdimentium

Copyright © 2000 – 2013 Sugamari all inclusive. Reprinting these articles: Non-commercial use OK, cite with clickable link if possible.


Written by sugamari

March 13, 2007 at 5:16 am

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  1. what a great list of articles!

    you’ve been busy


    April 21, 2008 at 4:09 pm

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