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Net Neutrality Killed to Pave Way for TPP

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Dirtbag Corporation of the Moment: Verizon

Theres bad companies and then there’s rotton dirtbag corporations that need to be outed for the greedy useless evil bags of shite they are. This news is a telling example of what we need government for, to protect citizens from evil corporations.

Theres some good runners up like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Monsanto (well monsanto is in a class of it’s own), dyncorp, carlyle group, but today it’s all about Verizon. I’m betting their move to throttle the internet is a reaction to bitcoin because their buddies can’t figure out how to regulate it. They hate Peer to Peer and that will be the first thing they all try to throttle. They hate Kim Dotcom and Mega. They hate Tor. They hate Bitcoin. They hate Napster and Limewire. All these things are internet freedoms that we should have as human rights if we want. They hate opensource like Linux and Firefox. So they want to restrict the flow of their activities if they can.

I never liked Verizon. I just get a creepy feeling of satan behind it. I related it in my mind to Digital Angel, the company bringing implanted RFID chips, the number of the beast. A little bit of research is showing they have been lobbying for this right to throttle since 2008 or so. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF, didn’t want the government to have the deciding role on throttling limitations and it was a scandal then. Now, they seem to have won their battle of attrition and got some corrupt judge to sway their way while we’ve been distracted. Hopefully, it opens doors for better rights and freedoms like in other countries but, I doubt it.

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Expect Internet blackouts that extend far beyond the popular content vendors, as smaller websites are caught in the crossfire. Tweets, emails and texts will be mysteriously delayed or dropped. Videos will load slowly, if at all. Websites will work fine one minute, and time out another. Your ISP will claim it’s not their fault, and you’ll have no idea who is to blame. You also won’t be able to vote with your feet and wallet, as there’s no competition in broadband, and all ISPs will be playing this game.

And let’s not forget that the companies pushing to kill Net Neutrality — like Verizon and AT&T — are the very same companies that have been caught enabling unchecked spying and surveillance by the NSA and other government agencies.

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It looks as though this ruling is meant to help pave the way for the TPP


Under this TPP proposal, Internet Service Providers could be required to “police” user activity (i.e. police YOU), take down internet content, and cut people off from internet access for common user-generated content.

TPP Exposed: WikiLeaks Publishes Secret Trade Text to Rewrite Copyright Laws, Limit Internet Freedom

SOPA/PIPA/CISPA is being pushed in the backdoor of the TPP. It also combines Codex Alimentarius and food and life patents for monsanto. It’s giving corporations all the power and more money than the QE bailouts. It’s the end of America. Funny how Verizon used personhood rights to get the law changed.


“A Corporate Trojan Horse”: Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact, Would Rewrite Swath of U.S. Laws

The elites are stepping up the speed on the totalitarian police state in America because humanity is waking up too fast for them. Seeing the riots all over the world and other things the mainstream media are not showing and talking about it’s pretty obvious they are looking to incite an uprising. I mean this TPP thing is brutal. I would hope the end result is the end of corporations.

TPP would make corporations more powerful than governments

I recently learned the etymology of the word anarchy is anti-archon. Archon indirectly represents the idea that aliens run the planet. But aliens I mean to describe as disembodied multidimensional noncorporeal entities. Their base means of control is government. The etymology of the word government is to limit the mind. The purpose of limiting the mind is mainly to keep us from seeing the alien aspect of the global elites. The etymology of the word corporation is embodying personhood. Another way to look at all this is with the word egregore. The power of egregore is in human imaginations focused in absolute belief of the reality of the entity. I suspect this is the main source of demons. My point here is anarchists are against demons and they don’t even know it. The corporations are the demons. The controlling elites know this and they are using the governments of the world as their main means of suppression. How far out is that?

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