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Michael Tsarion Age of Decay

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A youtube search for brings up a lot of stuff. I would like a comprehensive list. I can’t even remember all the videos I have seen let alone know if I have seen them all. Mostly, I agree with what he says, appreciate how he says it and try to follow what he’s doing. Please let me know if there is a similar grouping as this post…

Michael Tsarion was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is an author, public speaker, conspiracy theorist, and historian whose topics include religion, symbolism, sidereal astrology, mythology, the occult, and Atlantis.

Michael Tsarion lectures in Göteborg, Sweden in March, April, and May of 2010.

Michael Tsarion – Age of Manipulation – 1/3 3:07:00
Topics in this video
psychic dictatorship, three kinds of slaves, The Capitalist Conspiracy, CS Lewis, Tolkien, George MacDonald, David Singer, Gerald Massey, astrotheology, Peter Ballan, Sholtan Tarot, Schwaller de Lubicz, Jordan Maxwell, pentagram of venus, 55:26 holy jumpin jesus did you hear that? “the socalled hebrew alphabet of 22 letter/numbers were shadows cast by a crystalline pyramidon that used to sit on top of the great pyramid!”, 88 constellations of the zodiac, excalibur, scota, ahkenaten, pillars of hercules, prisoner, scientific dictatorship, Brzezinski, Kissinger, Jose Delgado, Ewen Cameron, psychophobia, r.d. laing, nesta webster, consensus trance, propaganda, group narcissism, eric fromm, ayn rand, manly palmer hall, peter taylor, talismanic words, (2:03:00 – haha I wrote a post called Global Awakening Warming Seats of Power), gore vidal, john swinton, john taylor gatto, madam N (Hillary Clinton IMHO), cult of mithras, zoroastrianism, atonists, buddy holly, American Pie (the shittiest song ever IMO), Tuesday Welde, michael aquino, ustachi, baron avro manhattan, cagliostro’s egyptian rite,

Three guys he didn’t mention that cover subjects he refers to in this vid
Peter Levenda, Loren Coleman, Goro Adachi

Michael Tsarion – Age of Manipulation – 2/3 3:46:00
Topics in this video
jean kilborne, psychic colonization, ancient sorcery, historical amnesia, john lennon, vedic tradition, kali yuga, life cycle of consciousness, ego is the child of trauma, ancient trauma, tiamat, cometary action, earth upheaval, pole shift, Freud, julian jaynes, terence mckenna, ego was an external invasion, satan’s fall from grace, warfare only 10000 years old, who are our leaders, Carl Jung, hatha yoga, ‘we don’t think with the mind, we think for the mind’, id, egyptian underworld, Rudolf Steiner, A.E. Waite, hermetic order of the golden dawn, lunar society, paranoia magazine, royal society, hellfire club, irish origins of civilization, brotherhood of the snake, dragon court, before the 13th dynasty, hyksos pharoah, caduceus of hermes, franz calleman, tree of life, knights of malta, masons, templars, priory of sion, jesuits, illuminati, roman cult, roman catholic cult of the vatican, illegitimate windsors, order of st michael, order of st george, commitee of 300, order of the garter, club of the isles, alpha club of freemasonry, mount peralon society, 1:03:00, brotherhood of death part 1 part 2 part 3, hp blavatsky, the hammer story, Prince Phillip – “In the event that I am reborn, I would like to return as a deadly virus in order to contribute something to overpopulation.”, Albert Speer, Alex Constantine, Trance formation of America, Ted Gunderson, Arizona Wilder, Brice Taylor, Cathy O’Brien, Johnny Gosch, Son of Sam, The Ultimate Evil, scientology, dianetics, guardians, samuel untermeyer, nassau, black hand, satanic bloodline, Betrayers, process church, Foundation church of the millenium, altamont festival, dennis wheatley, Cult of Dionesius, John allegro, The Trees of Life, with Michael Tsarion, Shriners, Frankists, William Colby, cult of venus, black venetians, black nobility, Dope Inc, carnival of venus, michael hoffman II, maryanne faithful, the biggest secret, the Omen, bastard children of the royals, jim keith, tavistock institute, jack the ripper, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, solar cult, spencer family, From Hell, Walter Sickert, Stephen Knight, Butcher of Congo, Leopold II, cecil rhodes, rothschild dynasty, profumo affair, philby, burgess, mclean, clivedon set, lord astor, jacobite/templar, francis daschwood, earl rosse, jack parsons, castle of the mothers of darkness in belgium, laurel canyon, abatement task force,

Added madness
Wes Penre, BlogInt: Break it Down, the octopus,

Michael Tsarion – Age of Manipulation – 3/3 4:06:00

covert war against rock – alex constantine, bob Marley murdered, sun kings, Eleusinian Mysteries, jukebox wars (- arcade video games – ballmer – microsoft), children of god, the finders, the jesus movement, brian jones murder and coverup, clive barker, l. ron hubbard, aliester crowely, john whiteside parsons, 618,

Michael Tsarion – Conspiracy Con 2010

Michael Tsarion | 2012 The Future of Mankind – The Granada Forum in Los Angeles, 2006

Video Productions
I put the following series in an earlier post but it really pays to watch it again if you have the time.

Michael Tsarion – Origins of Evil (1 of 13)


Michael Tsarion – Red Ice Live: The Brotherhood of Death – 1/2

Radio Interviews

Michael Tsarion – Truth Frequency Interview 04-16-11

Michael Tsarion – The Big Awakening [1-June-11]

I’m wondering if I should just post this and add to it later he’s got too many videos for one post…