What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Exiting the Time Loop

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Been a while since I had any inspiration to write. As usual this blog is really about me communicating with people and reiterating the talking points and then elaborating with links and evidence.

I have opinions about people. Like where they come from and who they know can often alert one to the origins of the information at hand.

Take Steven Greer for instance. Is he a CIA psyop? Or not? Watch this 4 hour presentation of his position. It’s really well done.

Dr. Steven Greer – Nov. 21, 2015 – How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose – HD

It’s really true but theres so much he leaves out. And he goes out on the limb of the believability tree with his extraterrestrial position.

Most of the info here is of maximum import.

Dr.Steven Greer Interviews William Pawelec

Here is another person to with an insight that is ingenious #WhoIsLarkenRose

Larken Rose Full Speech At Anarchapulco (raw 2016)

Love the way it’s simplified to one little thing. Belief in authority. The idea that some people are exempt from morality. That it’s not needing of massive change just the one thing.

And one more thing Disclosure: The New Sheriff

The Keshe stuff. I think this story and the above two stories makes the truth obvious. The government is controlling the information that would liberate all humans on the planet.

So really who should be exempt from morality? No one. Especially not those who would enslave us.


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