What I’ve noticed about reality is things are not what they seem. Here’s my two bits on the five sense prison and the new paradigms. Feel free to copy and redistribute my work with the one restriction of keeping it intact – all truth is free!

Engineering Consensus Reality and Maniplating Spacetime Perception Management

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The controllers that be are afraid of human potential. They manipulate the food, education, water, air and control us by fear and worry about finances and they tweak our surrounding electromagnetic feilds to keep us from attaining the natural state of higher being. Their control of hollywood and other media outlets are focussed on negativity for the same purpose. The truth about the winter solstice in 2012 is really that something did happen, is happening, and it’s all about awakening to the threat of negativity against the real potential of being human. What Actually Happened on December 21 2012? Sadly, because of this, the elites are feeling cornered and are becoming more dangerous than ever to the well being of the masses. “Elites”: An Open Letter – Your Attention Required Vatican backs GMO.

Codex Alimentarius is moving ahead stealthily as is the internet kill switch. The UN is openly calling for communism to solve global warming. The secret space program is moving ahead as well as the Deep Underground Military Bases which would scare anyone who hasn’t been jaded by hollywood movies and other trolls and shills making conspiracy researchers seem crazy. We’ve reached a tipping point. But to them that just means pull back on the creeping totalitarianism and change the names of their threatening programs. Obama is now a dictator with the power to act quickly in response to how fast things can happen on the internet.

Obama’s Pen is Mightier Than The Congress

Alchemy Radio 034 – Jon Rappoport – Imagination & Creativity

Anthony Peake @ Awakened State 13th Oct 2012, Teviot Edinburgh [full length]

Thomas Sheridan @ Awakened State 13th Oct 2012, Teviot Edinburgh [full length]

Michael Tsarion – Post humanism, Imagination & Will To Power Part 1

Michael Tsarion – Post humanism, Imagination & Will To Power Part 2

Truth, War Propaganda, CIA and Media Manipulation

Dr. John Hall – Navy Yard Shooting & ELF Mind Control Technology 1/2

Dr. John Hall & Navy Yard Shooting & ELF Mind Control Technology 2/2

Surveillance State Among Us

Technocracy Rising in America

Fighting Zombification by The NWO

Just to be clear I’m not fear mongering. I’m pissed off. They lied to me and I find it offensive. I think you should know they are lying to you and why.

I also happen to believe that humans are all actually positive by default. But, there are reasons to think I might be wrong about that. Maybe the elites are right to have an apocalypse plan. What would it really be like to be anarchy and ungoverned? I have some faith but there’s that nagging doubt. Or is that just because I watched too much TV?

State of the Internet Address
Diets of the Rich and Famous
The Science of the Soft Kill


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